Using tech, people power and big data to tackle litter

The go-to policy for tackling litter is generally the fine. This approach depends the public authority employing enough people to walk the streets and look out for litterbugs. There is nothing wrong with that – it creates jobs and has a beneficial impact on the local and global environment. But is it possible to work out how best to deploy enforcement officers so that it has a high impact on litter reduction hand pickup? Jeff Kirschner, from Litterati, talks in the video below about his app that is based on building a community to take photos of litter as they pick them up. (He started initially using his Instagram account.) On one level, there is an artistic and individual impact aspect. But the real power is in the data that is collected, such as geotagging, to identify problem areas and then been used by various organisations to justify particular policies, such as fines and taxes.



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