Innovation in dustbins

I read about the smart dustbin (or Qube) from Smart Qube some time ago and kept putting off writing a post about it. What impressed at first was the idea of one’s dustbin connected to the Internet of Things, so that you can keep track of your recycling performance and ecological footprint. In a waste collection system that depends on trust between households, municipal authorities and waste management companies, it is easy for lack of knowledge to result in cynicism about whether recycling actually occurs. As someone who like looking as a statistics, I can see how linking my bin to my phone can get a little too interesting. But the real innovation in the Qube is not really in the internet of things; it’s the fact that the Qube is still an ordinarily-sized household bin but has more than one compartment for different types of waste as well as a compartment for bin liners. The trend in household waste collection seems to be towards the need for households to separate their waste prior to collection, but household bins still follow the basic, one compartment design. This often means that more space is required in the home. Qube would seem to be a response to that.


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